Final Blog Post as a Year 6 Student!

Hello Readers,

Unfortunately, I am writing my final blog post as a Year 6 student. This is both exciting and sad news. I am excited to be transitioning into a new and challenging environment in the Senior School, however I am upset to be leaving the Junior School where I know everyone so well and where I have experienced seven years of fun and learning as well. In this blog post I will share some distinct memories that I treasure most from my time as a Year 6 student this year. However, before I elaborate on this, I would like to thank my amazing teachers for all of the amazing support and encouragement that they have provided us with. I would also like to thank them for a wonderful year of learning, the many amazing opportunities that I have been incredibly fortunate to experience and for the fact that they have provided us with the incredible opportunity of running our own Year 6 blog. Running my own blog has been a great experience and has helped me gain many valuable skills. I have gained a lot of knowledge about blogging and have thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to post on my own personal blog and interact with peers in my grade and with others internationally as well via my blog. In conclusion, I am very grateful that my teachers have provided myself and my peers with this incredible opportunity and for helping us gain the valuable skills that we have fostered throughout the course of the year.

Reflecting on the amazing year that I have had, some highlights that I would like to share with you are the following:

  • The amazing opportunities that I was fortunate to experience as School Captain.
  • The 2 amazing camps that we were able to attend. The first camp that we went on took place on Cockatoo Island and Chowder Bay. It involved long bush walks, ferry rides, a transport challenge, kite making and flying, camping, rafting snorkelling and many more exciting activities. The second camp took place in Canberra and involved us visiting New Parliament House, Old Parliament House, Questacon, the Australian War Memorial, Telstra Tower, the Australian Institution of Sport and many more amazing places.
  • An exciting project that we had the opportunity to take part in was our Passion Projects. I chose to base my Passion Project around a 21km bush walk that I had to work towards completing. Part of my project was to make a difference by raising money for an endangered Australian animal, the Pygmy Possum. For more information about my Passion Project, I recommend that you scroll down and read my many posts that I wrote outlining my achievements and what I was doing each week prior to the presentation of my project.
  • I enjoyed completing various other UOI tasks such as a natural disaster video that I created and a website outlining the issue of cuts to Australia’s foreign aid budget.
  • Peer Support was definitely a highlight of my year. Simply put, Peer Support is when 2 Year 6 students manage a group of students and teach them about various things, such as important qualities etc.
  • The Junior School athletics carnival was another highlight of mine this year as well. I am incredibly passionate about running and managed to come first in the individual points count, which was a big achievement of mine.
  • The Year 6 Formal Dinner has to be one of my favourite events this year. I can remember arriving at school with a stunning dress and curled hair, admiring everyones amazing outfits. With amazing food and a DJ things just could not have gotten any better!

In conclusion, these are just some highlights that I distinctively remember, however there are many more that I have and will also always treasure. All in all, my Year 6 journey has been one that I will always remember reflecting back on my Junior School years and I am very grateful for my encouraging and supportive teachers who have lead me all the way to the end of the year. It has been a joy to run my own blog this year and I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity. I will be sure to post some more next year.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year,

Gem. xx

Blogging Awards 2015

Hello Readers,

This year, every girl in my grade has created their own blog. On our blogs we post school work, share what our passions are and many other things. Blogging has been an amazing skill for everyone of us to develop as I am sure that it will benefit us in the future. On our blogs we have also raised awareness about certain problems and shared work samples that we have completed either in class or at home with the public. Having  blog has been a great way to communicate with others worldwide. Unfortunately, I do not have much time to visit other peoples blogs from different countries, however many of my friends have enjoyed doing this and I have heard great feedback from them. In conclusion, it has been a wonderful opportunity having a blog of our own this year.

In order to recognise the effort that girls in my grade have put into blogging this year, our teachers and some students came up with the idea of creating blogging awards. Our grade came up with three different awards related to blogging. These are:

  • Best Student Blogger
  • Best Student Commenter
  • Most Improved Blogger

For homework for the past two weeks, we have been assigned the task of visiting different students’ blogs and nominating up to two people who we think are worthy for one of the titles above. After the first week of the nomination process a short-list was created under each title. After the second week of voting, the winners were decided.

Below are the results of those who came in the running of the prize. I encourage you to visit the blogs that are listed below as they are at a very high standard. I also recommend that you visit my blog role to have a look at all of the other blogs that my peers own (directions: scroll down to where my widgets are and look under the heading, pages. There, you should find the link to my blog roll page).

Best Student Blogger of 2015:

Equal First – Darcey, Georgia and Mia Pl

Darcey: Click here

Georgia: Click here

Mia Pl: Click here

Highly Commended – Emme

Emme: Click here


Best Commenter of 2015:

First – Claire

Claire: Click here

Second – Gemma

Gemma: My blog!

Third – Izzy

Izzy: Click here

Highly Commended – Olivia and Chloe

Olivia: Click here

Chloe: Click here


Most Improved Blogger in 2015:

First – Jasmin

Jasmin: Click here

Second – Alina

Alina: Click here

Third – Claire

Claire: Click here

Highly Commended – Tahlia and Peri

Tahlia: Click here

Peri: Click here

Congratulations to all the girls who placed under each of these titles and for their ongoing commitment in blogging.

Thank you for reading,



Cryptology Puzzles

Recently in extension Maths, we have been researching cryptology and learning how to decipher various codes.

What is cryptology?

Simply put, cryptology is the study of codes. It can involve researching various ciphers and learning how to decipher and encrypt certain messages. Cryptography was used often throughout the World Wars as ways to communicate secretly to other people.

Win class, we were taught how to decipher many different types of codes and ciphers, such as Substitution Ciphers. A well-known cipher that we learnt about that falls under this category is the Caesar cipher, which is one of the earliest, yet simplest ciphers that is around nowadays. The way this cipher works is by replacing each letter of the top secret message with a different letter from the alphabet that is a certain number of letters away.  For example, the a could be and the could be etc.

Mrs H, our Maths teacher, also taught us how to encrypting various codes using the Vigenère Square as well. The Vigenère ciphers are known as polyalphabetic substitution cipher. The Vigenère Square is used to encrypt these ciphers as it has a series of alphabetic text (the whole alphabet) running in different sequences based off the Caesar cipher. Below is a picture of the Vigenère Square.

I have just listed two of the types of ciphers that we learnt about in Maths above, however there are many more that I encourage you to research as cryptology is an incredibly fun area of maths.

I have made some fun cryptography puzzles that you may want to try and complete. Please comment and let me know what you think the answers could possibly be and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I have made them using the Caesar cipher so they are easier to work out.

Tip: You can use a Vigenére Square (like the one above) to work this out.

Below is an example of how to work out a cipher.

whvw flskhu

How to work it out: Look for the letter that reoccurs the most. This letter is most likely e. 

whvw flskhu

Assuming that h is e, place your finger on the e at the top of the square and run your finger down until you find h. Then circle the entire line that the h is on. Next find the letter w in the very same line and run your finger up to the top. You will notice that the letter is t. This is what you should have deciphered from the passage so far.

whvw flskhu

te_t    ____e_

Then repeat the previous step for the rest of the letters.

The answer is test cipher.

Now that you know how to decipher various Caesar ciphers using the Vigenére Square, you can have a go at the following problems.

1. Below is a joke that I have encrypted:

X: Doha ohwwluz pm fvb lha flhza huk zovl wvspzo? H: Lclyf tvyupun fvb’ss ypzl huk zopul!

2. Below is the answer to the joke:

H: Lclyf tvyupun fvb’ss ypzl huk zopul!

That’s it for now, and if you have any further questions or you would like me to explain further on cryptology please leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading my post,








Riddle Time!

Hello Readers,

I have not posted (what I call an informal) post for a while, so I thought that it would be a good idea to entertain the readers of blog by posting a few riddles now and again. 

Below are some riddles that I have found on the internet, I trust that you do not search them up when trying to figure out what the answers are! It would be great if you commented what you think the answer are and then next week I will write another post with the all of the answers. 

I hope you enjoy figuring them out! 


1. What building has the most stories?

2. For our brain teaser this week, we had to solve certain expressions. When I was finding some interesting riddles to post on my blog I found another expression that makes a lot of sense once figured out. The riddle is below.

What does this expression mean?


3. Here is another expression:

What phrase is shown in the figure below?


4. The last riddle/brain teaser that I have found is the following:

What persons name do these letters form?



Thank you for reading my post!
I hope you enjoy solving the riddles and I will post the answers shortly.
Gem 🙂




Skateboard Artwork


Hello readers,

I am sorry that this post is late, however I thought that it was better to post it now than ever! Before creating the Fish artworks (see previous post for more details), another artwork that we created this year was a painting on a skateboard that portrayed about a certain issue that we wanted to raise awareness about. I chose to design my skateboard about worldwide peace. I wanted to raise awareness about this certain issue as violence, wars and fighting is occurring worldwide and impacting people in detrimental ways. Everyone has their own right, and currently many people are being denied the opportunity to live a safe life due to wars, bad governing etc. Therefore, I chose to base my painting on the powerful world peace. I chose to symbolised the message that I was attempting to convey through people holding hands, a white dove and two people shaking hands, both from different cultures. However, before we were given the chance to design and construct the visual effects on our skateboard were learnt what the difference between graffiti and street are.

This is what I think street are and graffiti are:

Firstly, I believe street art to be artworks that are usually given permission to be created and artworks that usually convey an important message, usually centred around making a difference and raising awareness about current issues that are detrimental to our society.

Below is a creative commons picture of a classic example of street art.

I think that the artist's message is that they want change in the world. This picture shows a poor man sitting on the side of the road begging for fairness and change in the world (instead of money).

Through the picture that the artist has designed, I think that the his/her message is that they want change in the world. This picture shows a poor man sitting on the side of the road begging for fairness and change in the world (instead of money). This means that the artist believes that the world is in a terrible state and that us humans are making detrimental and long lasting mistakes for our society and generations to come.

On there other hand, graffiti is classified as vandalism, and if caught doing it fines will be given. Graffiti is usually irrelevant and can be inappropriate at times. A major issue currently is that people are destroying various property and belongings of other people via the paint that they spray on the objects. Graffiti artists are usually putting themselves at major risks when doing the art as well. On train lines, many people are getting severely injured and killed as they are on the tracks when the train is coming.

Below is a creative commons example of graffiti. You may notice that it is ugly and has literally no real or appropriate purpose.






Below is the artwork that I created inspired by the powerful word peace.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my artwork and learning a bit more about street art and graffiti.

– Gemma

Printing Something Fishy…

Hello readers,

Recently in art we have been learning how to print using a foam board. Our task was to print a picture of a fish as it relates with the novel that my grade is reading for the Global Read Aloud Challenge. The book that we are studying and looking at is a novel called ‘Fish’ by L.S Mathews. 


The novel, ‘Fish’, is an engaging book with a unique storyline about a family who moved to a country experiencing a civil war. The family were kind and generous and looked after the poor citizens in the country who were injured and helped build schools. They also provided children a vital education etc. However, the family was then forced to leave the country because the war was coming to the village that they were staying in. Before the family left the country, the main character, Tiger (a young child whose gender is not mentioned at all throughout the book), finds a fish in a muddy puddle that is slowly shrinking. The child then rescues it and brings the fish with it throughout the journey to the border of the country. 

Art Project Details:

In order to complete this artwork, we had to start off by sketching a picture of a certain fish inspired by a picture from the internet.  I chose to base my sketch off the picture below.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.38.00 pm

Based on the artwork above I then sketched my own version with a few adjustments. Below is my own sketch of this picture.

We had to focus on making our fish look as realistic as possible, not like a regular cartoon fish.

Once we had finished sketching our fish, photo-copied our drawing. We then cut out the fish and traced it on a foam board.

Below is my fish imprint. Note: Some parts of it are black due to the ink that I used. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.46.29 pm


After sketching our fish into a foam board, we then covered the board with black ink using a special roller tool. We then had to collect different coloured and patterned sheets of paper of which we pressed our board upon to create a print of our fish.

Below are all of my different designs that I created as a result of the steps that I went through that have been stated previously in my post.  

FullSizeRender 29

Thank you for reading my post! 

If you have any feedback about my fish prints that I created then feel free to leave a comment below. 


Raise Your Voice – Blog Action Day

Hello Readers,


Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to publish a post on my blog for a while, however I was incredibly pleased this week when we were assigned the task of completing one for homework.


Recently, on Friday the 16th of October, it was Blog Action Day. Blog Action Day occurs every year and a new theme is determined each time it approaches. The theme this year is to Raise Your Voice.



 Made on Canva

There are many current issues that are occurring worldwide, however I have chosen to write about the major issue of how citizens in countries that have a dictatorship government are affected by their leaders’ decisions.


Firstly, despite the fact that the majority of the countries in the world nowadays believe in freedom and fairness, there are still numerous countries that are ruled by a dictatorship government. A dictatorship government is when one person rules the whole country and decides what they would like to do to the country without any input from citizens. The people within the country are not allowed to vote for who they want to represent them as well. The word dictatorship alone implies the message/means absolute power. 

Below is an alphabetical list of some current countries that are governed by dictatorship:

  • Belarus
  • Cameroon
  • Chad
  • China
  • Cuba
  • Egypt
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Eritrea
  • Ethiopia
  • Iran
  • Kazakhstan
  • Libya
  • Madagascar
  • Myanmar
  • North Korea
  • Rwanda
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Tunisia
  • Turkmenistan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Vietnam
  • Zimbabwe

Map of countries ruled by a dictatorship government:

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 6.51.02 pm

Dictators in Africa:

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 6.51.30 pm


Dictators in Asia:

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 6.52.18 pm

Dictators in the Middle-East:

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 6.52.26 pm

Dictator/s in Americas:

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 6.52.03 pm

What are the effects of a dictatorship government?

Under a dictatorship government, citizens of a particular country feel as though they do not have the freedom to speak, and as a result, the populace of the country become afraid to share their opinion on certain situations. Something that can partly influence this is the fact that if attention is attracted to a certain person due to their view on the government or a different issue, then bad things can happen to that them.

In countries that are controlled by one supreme leader, the police work for the government and do what they say, instead of helping to care for the citizens of the country the way the people in countries like Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom are helped. Therefore, crimes are not reported, poverty is highly common; there are not enough supplies for everyone etc.

In addition, the lack and hopelessness of freedom in these countries result in a low birth rate and can also influence economic downturns. This is because there are little workers willing/capable of filling jobs, since dispirited people end up having little or few children. An example of this is when Ceausescu’s ruled Romania and forced Romanians to have many children and form big families. However, this did not work out well as many of the Romanians were poor and starving and ended up leaving and abandoning their children in orphanages, which then became to full to look after anymore.

Furthermore, as the citizens in these countries keep on experiencing the hardships of living in a country under a dictatorship government, then either a rebellion or a war can start. The main reason why a rebellion would be made is because it is the only way to solve the problem of dictatorship immediately, however it is a risky option to fight for justice. If the rebellion is won by the people fighting for freedom, then the people who represent the country must be good people wanting to improve their country, instead of worsening the state anymore. On the other hand, if a war breaks out between the government and the innocent then if the innocent win they will be able to go into power and improve their country (that is if there are enough citizens remaining), however if the war is lost and the government win, they will most likely enslave the people fighting for freedom and kill them, increasing the amount of wrongs that they are doing and increasing human suffering and injustice. 

In conclusion, I am strongly against how a dictatorship government works for the few reasons I stated above and many more. I believe that it is not right that the citizens of certain countries are not allowed to have a say in who represents their country for them and what rules are made. The way that citizens in these countries are treated is atrocious. After all, the dictator of the country is there to govern and look after the citizens in its country, not just worry about their own life and the amount of power that they have. Therefore, I think that it is a very unjust and unfair way of governing a country, due to the impacts the dictators have on the citizens of certain countries.



Thank you for reading my post! Feel free to leave a comment and spread your opinion on the topic.

Gemma xx




Hi readers,

As term three has drawn to an end and holidays have dawned, I have decided that it would be appropriate to write a blog post and inform you about my progress with the two goals that I set myself at the beginning of the term.

At the beginning of the term I set myself two goals – an attitude goal and a classroom goal. My classroom goal was to improve and learn a diverse range of complicated and professional art techniques that I could then implement into art classes and spread my knowledge amongst my friends. My second goal, an improvement for my behavior, was to express my opinions about various and different ideas in creative and effective ways. By doing this, I hoped to be a positive influence and example toward students in my Junior School.

(For more information about how I hoped to achieve my goals, etcetera, please scroll down to my SMART Goal post.)




Goal #1:


Unfortunately, last term was an incredibly busy term for myself and I wasn’t as devoted as I initially planned to be to my goal. Originally, in my SMART Goal planning, I decided that it would be best if I researched and practiced different art techniques on Saturday afternoons. However, in the end, I only did this task on two occasions, which was not enough to develop sincere skills. Instead, I was intent upon completing homework etc.

I am still incredibly keen to continue striving toward my goal, however I do not know what the new term beholds yet and do not know if it would be realistic to try again and end up making little progress.


Goal #2:


All in all, I am quite happy with the amount of progress that I have made with my second goal. At school, I am always reminding myself to try and set a good example to younger students who are not as mature and teach them the right way to act in life. I have also tried my hardest to express myself in a creative, effective and fun ways, portraying many messages, such as the fact that you must enjoy and have fun in everything that you participate in; think creatively by coming up with unusual ideas that you are willing to continue to improve; living life to the fullest, trying your hardest in absolutely everything etc.

I do believe that I have achieved this goal throughout last term, however it is a goal that I can strive to improve and work at throughout my whole entire life.



Goal #3:

Recently, I have decided to set myself another goal. Below is how I came to the decision.

Over the course of the holidays, I have struggled making up my mind and choosing between many different options in numerous circumstances. Therefore, I have set myself a temporary goal to become more decisive and not be afraid to share my opinion in certain situations.


Thank you for reading my post,


Smart Art

Jeffrey Smart Blog Post


Hi readers,

Recently in art, my class has been looking at the artworks of a particular Australian Artist and discussing the different techniques, colours and settings that he usually uses in his artworks. This artist was born in the year 1921, in Adelaide, South Australia. His name is Frank Jeffrey Edison Smart, most commonly known as Jeffrey Smart.


In class, we looked at many paintings that he created, and discussed what they all had in common. We noticed that:


  • Jeffrey Smart tends to use 3 primary colours in the majority of his artworks, red, blue and yellow.
  • There is usually at least one mode of transport in his paintings
  • His artworks are usually situated in urban environments
  • He uses geometric shapes
  • There are usually grey skies in the background of his artworks
  • Jeffrey Smart uses many patterns and shadows
  • Men are most commonly featured
  • There is very little greenery/nature in his artworks, instead he uses man-made things
  • Congregated iron is mostly used, especially on warehouses etc.
  • People are usually working in his pictures (mostly in isolated places)


Below are three of Jeffrey Smart’s most common artworks that we studied in class.





For the past two weeks, my class has been given the opportunity to create our own artwork on photoshop using the same techniques as Jeffrey Smart. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and produced an artwork with big bold colours like his, with a grey sky, a sketchy design, congregated iron, straight lines etc.


Below is my picture:


Gemma's photoshop picture for art




Reflecting on my artwork, I believe that next time, I could make my artwork less colourful and use more bold lines.


Thank you for reading my post,



Chapter 6


Unfortunately, in todays post I will be concluding my CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) story series. It has been a joy creating and knitting together a futuristic land home to a young girl named Delilah. Though she experienced many unpleasant events throughout her lifetime, I believe that she is a character that would inspire many to live life to the fullest, be courageous no matter what the circumstances are, and to always be loyal towards others.

Before reading my final chapter, it may be helpful if you read about the many events that have taken place so far throughout the many chapters that I have written below in my summary.




Delilah had never lived a good life. After experiencing a deadly storm that wiped out more than three quarters of the world as a young infant, she was then forced to live in horrible conditions, alongside her parents, her brother, Jacob, and her three sisters, Rose, Primrose and Jasmine.

One night, a storm was raging outside and Delilah’s brother, Jacob, was nowhere to be found. However, after an hour after the storms commencement, he returned home in a terrible state. Unsure of whether or not he was carrying a deadly illness, Delilah was forced to escape and find a safe place to live for the rest of her life. She had to bring her sisters with her as well. After a days worth of laborious trekking, Delilah and her sisters stumbled upon a battlefield, blocking their path. Luckily, they all managed to escape safely, however Primrose was shot in the arm during the process. In desperate need of help, Delilah and her sisters stumbled upon a kind man who was willing to provide them with food and water back in his village. However, the only problem was that children were prohibited from it, and if seen, they were instantly killed. Delilah accepted the offer though, and stayed in the old man’s house for a couple of days. Sadly, Primrose, her sister, was to weak to continue the journey any further, which then resulted in her devastating death. Soon after her death, Delilah, Rose and Jasmine were then forced to hide in a battered cupboard for more than an hour whilst a policeman scoured the old man’s house. Luckily, they were not found.


In last week’s chapter, after enjoying a wonderful sleep, Delilah woke in a strange house and was not sure if she should stay or leave.


Voting results:


Option 1: 5 votes

Option 2: 0 votes


I hope you enjoy reading my final CYOA chapter!



Chapter 6:


Memories. Filtering through my mind. Projecting onto a blank screen, broadcasting my favourite moments that I have shared with my family over the past few years.

The miniature films feature Jacob cheering up my family through the hilarious jokes that he told us, my parents, singing joyful songs as the rain pelted down outside our little hideout, and Primrose dancing elegantly in the light of the moon.

Tears begin gliding peacefully down my rosy cheeks, colliding with the dusty carpet below. I press my hands upon my throbbing forehead and try my hardest to shut out all of the thoughts that are continuously circling around my mind, trying to bash through the barrier and into my thoughts. The memories of my four beloved family members of whom I have lost in the past week begin to haunt me.

Vivid pictures of Primrose’s departure begin to flood through my mind. I can remember Primrose’s body, as white as a ghost, a nasty gash in her shoulder and a black bullet within it. I can remember her fragile body, shivering involuntarily as the colour drained out of her once sapphire coloured eyes. I can remember staring down at her helpless face, tears flowing endlessly from my brokenhearted eyes. However, I can clearly remember the time when her chest stopped fluttering up and down, when her raspy breaths could not be heard anymore and when she lay in the dark, miserable house that belonged to the kind and generous man, Bob Green.

I stand up, unable to tolerate the memory of Primrose’s death anymore. Slowly, I run my blistered fingers upon the chestnut coloured tapestry, stretching out in a vertical line down the passageway. Pressing my face up against the antique decoration, I begin to examine it. I notice that displayed upon it are detailed pictures of the many ancestors that once belonged to a certain family.

Eager to discover more, I begin to scour the artwork in search for any clues providing more information. Abruptly stopping at the end of the passageway, I bend down and notice some fine print in a beautiful, bold, cursive font. Gently running my fingers over it, I read the word ‘Witkenson’ aloud. I gasp, and read again, suddenly realising that my surname is imprinted upon the precious embroidery. Speechless, I freeze to the spot as a deep, rumbling voice thunders down the hallway.

‘Who is it? Show yourself!’

My heart skips a beat. I stand, arms in the air, trembling. The creaking of the ancient floorboards echoes throughout the house.

‘It is only I,’ I begin to stutter, ‘Delilah. A young fourteen-year-old girl who brings you no harm.’

I wait, fear flooding through my veins, until I can see the silhouette of a man standing behind me. Cautiously, I turn around, my arms still raised in the air.

Greeting me is a middle-aged man, a large smile fixed upon his face. He reminds me of my dad, his short, roughly cut hair and his rich, brown eyes.

‘Sorry to alarm you there.’ He says.

‘That’s okay.’ I respond, still in shock.

‘W-who are you?’ I add.

‘Why, I’m your uncle Christopher Witkenson.’

Mixed emotions begin to circle throughout my body. Confusion. Greif. Surprise. Relief. I am speechless. Unable to control myself, I bend over and wake Rose and Jasmine who are lying beside me and spread the exciting news.

The next thing I know, I am bounding towards my uncle, my hands up in the air. As I collide with him, I can feel the warmth of his body heating me up as he cradles my limp body in his arms. I begin to weep, a huge smile bracing my lips.

Although I do not know how I ended up here, I am assured that everything will be all right. I have ventured out into a world where death is around every corner, yet I have made it here safely. I cannot believe it!

God has helped me immensely. He has performed a miracle by directing me to a safe destination.

After a hazardous and laborious journey, I am safe at last.




Thank you for reading my last chapter. Luckily, it ended on a high like most books do.

A special thanks to everyone who has taken up their time to comment on my blog. You have all helped shape my story and I am truly grateful for this.


Keep posted,