Final Blog Post as a Year 6 Student!

Hello Readers,

Unfortunately, I am writing my final blog post as a Year 6 student. This is both exciting and sad news. I am excited to be transitioning into a new and challenging environment in the Senior School, however I am upset to be leaving the Junior School where I know everyone so well and where I have experienced seven years of fun and learning as well. In this blog post I will share some distinct memories that I treasure most from my time as a Year 6 student this year. However, before I elaborate on this, I would like to thank my amazing teachers for all of the amazing support and encouragement that they have provided us with. I would also like to thank them for a wonderful year of learning, the many amazing opportunities that I have been incredibly fortunate to experience and for the fact that they have provided us with the incredible opportunity of running our own Year 6 blog. Running my own blog has been a great experience and has helped me gain many valuable skills. I have gained a lot of knowledge about blogging and have thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to post on my own personal blog and interact with peers in my grade and with others internationally as well via my blog. In conclusion, I am very grateful that my teachers have provided myself and my peers with this incredible opportunity and for helping us gain the valuable skills that we have fostered throughout the course of the year.

Reflecting on the amazing year that I have had, some highlights that I would like to share with you are the following:

  • The amazing opportunities that I was fortunate to experience as School Captain.
  • The 2 amazing camps that we were able to attend. The first camp that we went on took place on Cockatoo Island and Chowder Bay. It involved long bush walks, ferry rides, a transport challenge, kite making and flying, camping, rafting snorkelling and many more exciting activities. The second camp took place in Canberra and involved us visiting New Parliament House, Old Parliament House, Questacon, the Australian War Memorial, Telstra Tower, the Australian Institution of Sport and many more amazing places.
  • An exciting project that we had the opportunity to take part in was our Passion Projects. I chose to base my Passion Project around a 21km bush walk that I had to work towards completing. Part of my project was to make a difference by raising money for an endangered Australian animal, the Pygmy Possum. For more information about my Passion Project, I recommend that you scroll down and read my many posts that I wrote outlining my achievements and what I was doing each week prior to the presentation of my project.
  • I enjoyed completing various other UOI tasks such as a natural disaster video that I created and a website outlining the issue of cuts to Australia’s foreign aid budget.
  • Peer Support was definitely a highlight of my year. Simply put, Peer Support is when 2 Year 6 students manage a group of students and teach them about various things, such as important qualities etc.
  • The Junior School athletics carnival was another highlight of mine this year as well. I am incredibly passionate about running and managed to come first in the individual points count, which was a big achievement of mine.
  • The Year 6 Formal Dinner has to be one of my favourite events this year. I can remember arriving at school with a stunning dress and curled hair, admiring everyones amazing outfits. With amazing food and a DJ things just could not have gotten any better!

In conclusion, these are just some highlights that I distinctively remember, however there are many more that I have and will also always treasure. All in all, my Year 6 journey has been one that I will always remember reflecting back on my Junior School years and I am very grateful for my encouraging and supportive teachers who have lead me all the way to the end of the year. It has been a joy to run my own blog this year and I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity. I will be sure to post some more next year.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year,

Gem. xx

Hanging out with nature!

Hi everyone,

The last few days have been very tiring as I have been preparing for my project, but I am pleased to say that I have achieved a lot!


  •  On Saturday, I travelled to my local shops with my mother and bought a pair of hiking shoes. They were incredibly fancy and had a fantastic grip when I tried them on.
  • On Sunday, I completed a 6.5km walk in 1:15 hours. My dad accompanied me and we discovered a lot more about the bush outside my house. I observed the charcoal black trees that lay scattered on the ground after a recent back burn in my neighbourhood. The large water catchment, my family and I had never discovered before and the regrowth of light. There was beautiful scenery surrounding us on our walk and we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I found it rather tiring at the end as we had to climb a large ascent back up to Wellington Rd, but it was really worth it. Overall, I found the practise walk really worthwhile and fun.
  • I started up my own website where I can raise money for my worthy cause. I have already raised 1/4 of my goal thanks to my very generous family members!
  • Here are some pictures taken by my dad on our bush walk. IMG_3577 IMG_3578IMG_3531IMG_3533IMG_3528IMG_3524IMG_3520IMG_3523IMG_3519IMG_3522IMG_3517IMG_3514IMG_3513IMG_3512IMG_3532

Until next time, Gemma. 🙂