Printing Something Fishy…

Hello readers,

Recently in art we have been learning how to print using a foam board. Our task was to print a picture of a fish as it relates with the novel that my grade is reading for the Global Read Aloud Challenge. The book that we are studying and looking at is a novel called ‘Fish’ by L.S Mathews. 


The novel, ‘Fish’, is an engaging book with a unique storyline about a family who moved to a country experiencing a civil war. The family were kind and generous and looked after the poor citizens in the country who were injured and helped build schools. They also provided children a vital education etc. However, the family was then forced to leave the country because the war was coming to the village that they were staying in. Before the family left the country, the main character, Tiger (a young child whose gender is not mentioned at all throughout the book), finds a fish in a muddy puddle that is slowly shrinking. The child then rescues it and brings the fish with it throughout the journey to the border of the country. 

Art Project Details:

In order to complete this artwork, we had to start off by sketching a picture of a certain fish inspired by a picture from the internet.  I chose to base my sketch off the picture below.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.38.00 pm

Based on the artwork above I then sketched my own version with a few adjustments. Below is my own sketch of this picture.

We had to focus on making our fish look as realistic as possible, not like a regular cartoon fish.

Once we had finished sketching our fish, photo-copied our drawing. We then cut out the fish and traced it on a foam board.

Below is my fish imprint. Note: Some parts of it are black due to the ink that I used. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 2.46.29 pm


After sketching our fish into a foam board, we then covered the board with black ink using a special roller tool. We then had to collect different coloured and patterned sheets of paper of which we pressed our board upon to create a print of our fish.

Below are all of my different designs that I created as a result of the steps that I went through that have been stated previously in my post.  

FullSizeRender 29

Thank you for reading my post! 

If you have any feedback about my fish prints that I created then feel free to leave a comment below.